Information technology

Information technology in the casino industry

Information technology has been a boon to us and has completely changed the way we do everything. While at a casino, have you ever wondered what it would have been like if it wasn’t for the IT industry? Would we still have the sense of safety we now get? Information technology has made it possible for casino what was unfathomable decades ago bringing drastic change to the industry.

A casino doesn’t just require flashy lights and an enchanting appearance to lure people inside. A casino has to keep up with modern technology and be up to date with the changing times. Information technology has so much to offer to make the experience of going to a casino better, and casinos should consider this.

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When we talk about security, one might think about camera surveillance cameras placed everywhere to monitor the gamblers and detect fraudulent activities. You might be surprised that this method is outdated, and it has become the most basic requirement at a casino. Data modelling and analysis is a new way of monitoring. The casino has the data of the people that come in frequently, and if they know that there is someone who is a fraud, then they take immediate action to stop this person.

Chip tracker

Stealing chips that don’t belong to someone or using counterfeit chips are practices that could be ways to make money by cheating the casino. With the RFID technology, the chips exchanged are closely tracked with the help of radio frequencies. The chips are all unique and can be identified easily.

Chip tracker

Biometric recognition

Information technology has dismissed humans from being in charge of recognizing if the visitor is a regular gambler or not. The face recognition system scans the face of the person entering and stores it in the system. If there is some security threat, then it warns the security about it.

Invisible bar code

In the game of cards, as we have seen, a lot of fraudulent activities take place, there is a chance for someone to use cards that do not belong to the pack. The casinos have opted to print an invisible bar code on each card so they can detect if there is something fishy. A computer tests the relevance of the card and determines the result after each game.

A virtual casino

The information technology has shifted the location of casinos and has made it accessible from anywhere. Everybody who wishes to gamble can do it from the comfort of their homes; they don’t have to go to a physical casino. This has been the most significant change, and it is all possible because of the IT industry.

Have we reached the end of innovation? With IT, it feels like there is no end. Perhaps the future holds more opportunities, only time will tell.

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